Double 14 EMA and Parabolic SAR

This system is quiet simple to follow.  You have three spreadbetting indicators setup on your charts:
EMA 14 on the high
EMA 14 on the low
Parbolic SAR

Spread betting system

Spreadbet Long when the prices break above the EMA 14 high and close above. The Parabolic SAR must be below the prices and vice versa: Spreadbet short when the prices break to the downside below the EMA 14 low and the Parabolic SAR is above the price. For those
Time Frame to use: You can try this system on various time frames, as long as when you apply your stoploss you know what 1 Average Unit of trading is. Example, I have applied this system to the DAX 1 HR chart, and the average movement of the germany30 is 30 points.
Risk/Stoploss: My stop loss that I apply is around 40 points and I look for a target of 40 – 60 points, depending on how strong the news is in the market
Important is that you apply rigidly your money management rules as like many moving average cross systems this works wonders in a trending moving market or a market that has a lot of news. Try to avoid trading during big news announcements as there will be a lot of whipsaw volatility in the markets

Type:Trend preferably /reversal
Timeframe of trade: Swing
see the example  below

Double 14 EMA and Parabolic SAR can be applied to any instrument (FTSE, DJI, S&P, Forex: EurUsd, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD, CHF, Commodities: Oil, Gold, Shares )as long as you apply good money management rules and it is a market that has movement.